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I was struggling between two different humidors that both looked amazing. I finally made my decision and purchased this beautiful work of art. It looks absolutely amazing. Does it really hold 300 cigars... no, but it holds 250+. Cigars come in to many different lengths to truly state how many cigars a humidor can hold. The windows on the bottom allow me to read my electronic humidifier perfectly. So, I have over 250 cigars in it, plus an electronic humidifier. I am thinking about purchasing another shelf, which will help me organize my cigars better. The extra shelf might just put me at the 300 cigar mark. It holds its humidity perfect. My humidifier stays between 69 and 70 degrees constantly. I have nothing bad to say about this work of art.

Five Stars

Love this humidor. Spacious, holds humidity well.

Great humidor but it has some design shortfalls

Overall a nice humidor for the price. The dividers, however, do not match the size of the humidor and I needed to use some Velcro to attach them to the humidifier blocks to make them stable. Unfortunately this limits them to being used in only a static location. For the tray dividers the rubber gasketing was pulled off of one so I needed to make a $2 trip to the hardware store for a replacement. The lower dividers are also far too short for the amount of space making this very impractical for storing more than about 140 cigars. I ordered an additional tray to add another 50 in capacity to this unit which helped a lot.

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