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Our Story

Who is Humidor Enthusiast?

From the time we were kids, we remember sitting on the porch in the evenings with our Grandfather as he would smoke his cigars. As children, we didn't understand what it meant to have a cigar after a long days work, but the rich smell and the memory lingered would be impressed in our minds into our adult years. 

As myself and my siblings grew up, we naturally fell in love with cigars and were avid enthusiasts from our college years and on. Still to this day, the smell of the cigars remind us of times much more simple. A dear hobby and tradition to us and our family, we set out to incorporate our love for cigars with our career and family owned business.

One day, trying to purchase a humidor as a gift for my father, I quickly realized the lack of availability and selection on the internet. 

This is when Humidor Enthusiast was born. 

From the time Humidor Enthusiast was created, we set out to provide quality humidors and the best possible prices. After selling thousands of humidors, our dream has become a reality and we aim to grow with you and maintain the best quality product and customer service on the market.

We love what we do now and we appreciate all of you for making that a reality.

Humidor Enthusiast
Cigar Locker Wall Cabinet

Humidor Enthusiasts delivers high quality humidors & cigar accessories to our customers while maintaining excellent customer service & affordable rates. We believe that every person should be able to enjoy the freshest cigars after a hard day’s work or while celebrating a special occasion.

We are a small family run business that wants to share something that our family has ritualized. It became a tradition of ours to have a cigar when together celebrating a milestone or holiday. With all the changes in today’s society we wanted to hold on to a memory that means so much to us and preserve it by dedicating Humidor Enthusiast to that tradition.

We hope that you find our humidors a wonderful part of your home, as they have been of ours. We strive to only stock the most reputable products in our shop. Please reach out to us at (888) 467-0999 or if you have the questions or concerns. After all, satisfied customers are our top priority.


Humidor Enthusiast is a DBA under Golf Palms Holdings LLC.