Commercial Humidors

Best Commercial Humidors by Prestige Import Group and Quality Importers

Shop among our collection of commercial humidors. We carry a wide variety of commercial humidors from various brands like Prestige Import Group and Quality Importers

Each of our commercial humidors are built with a charming design and lined with Spanish cedar for you and your customer's enjoyment. Each are crafted to perfection with beauty and function in mind. 

Among our line of commercial humidors, we also carry humidor lockers. Our humidor lockers are also crafted to perfection and lined with Spanish cedar. 

Our line of commercial humidors come equipped with state of the art sealing technology, assuring that your humidor stays sealed, and the humidity does not escape.

Browse among our electronic temperature and humidity controlled humidors. With the touch of a button, you can control the temperature and humidity of your commercial humidor. 

Benefits of Commercial Humidors

  • Hold anywhere from 1,000 - 5,000 cigars
  • Commercial humidors are crafted from beautiful wood and will change the look of your cigar store in seconds
  • We carry temperature and humidity controlled humidors
  • We carry the largest and best commercial humidors on the market at the best prices!
  • We offer FREE shipping on all commercial humidors!




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