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Steven Norris
Awesome Humidor

Wow, this is a very Beautiful Humidor! It shipped without a scratch and it is up and running with a few boxes of cigars and a few loose ones. Can't wait to fill it up. Thank you for such a beautiful piece of furniture.

Mostly positive

This is my second Montague Humidor, and my first review.

My first purchase 15 months ago arrived with a 3x2 mm blemish in the finish on the top surface. No big deal and easily hidden by display ashtray.

I wanted a second and tried to save $150 by ordering from Amazon. What a mistake! They have sent, and I have returned, three humidors that arrived as kindling - beat to pieces. Still waiting for resolution from Amazon.

Came back to this site for my second purchase. The humidor was shipped three months later because they were ‘out of stock’ - although this is never mentioned on the website.

Humidor arrived with broken locks for drawer and cabinet, but this was fixable. Exterior surfaces were without blemish. The drawer shuts with some difficulty, but is usable. The interior was perfect.

I use Silicon to seal around the fitting for the electrical outlet to make it air tight. An Oasis humidifier keeps the interior at 70 degrees. I need to fill the humidifier every three weeks to keep it running optimally.

The Montague Humidor looks great and works very well. If Amazon ever gets around to replacing the third one I returned to them, I will keep it. Just don’t expect perfection.

Beautiful Piece of Furniture

This is a beautiful piece. Lots of room to fill and great construction. Definitely a center piece. Great price and delivery.

Dave B
Montegue Review

This is a nice piece of furniture that my wife enjoys having in the house! It is not only attractive, but well designed and functional. There is a lot of wood inside to humidify. The humidor needs a large humidifier to keep your precious sticks in shape for smoking. I purchased a Cigar Oasis XL for the task. Its shelves handle plenty of boxes in the main compartment. The drawer is divided and can handle your favorite quick-access smokes.

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