Cabinet Humidors

Best Cigar Cabinet Humidors by Prestige Import Group & Quality Importers

Our large cabinet humidors are ideal for tobacco stores, cigar shops or for the serious cigar enthusiast. Our humidor cabinets typically store 1000-5000 cigars and are built with Spanish ceda, offering cigar shelves and drawers for extra storage. We also carry electronic cigar humidor cabinets as well as commercial humidors.

Our line of electric cabinet humidors feature electronic climate control, allowing you to adjust the temperature and humidity with the touch of a button. Each of our cabinet humidors also come equipped with multiple internal humidifiers, assuring that the humidity of your humidor remains consistent. Our most popular electric cabinet humidors include the Remington, the Redford and the Redford Lite

A select few of our cigar cabinet humidifiers come equipped with external hygrometers as well. The Barbatus from Prestige Import Group is a great example of a beautifully crafted cabinet humidor with a hygrometer.

We also have some of the best cabinet humidors and strive to keep modern styles in stock. We also offer antique humidors, which are very popular. If you need an online humidor than trust that we can deliver you a quality product.

Cabinet Humidor Benefits

  • Hold anywhere from 1,000 - 5,000 cigars!
  • Cabinet humidors are beautifully crafter and will redefine your cigar retail store in seconds
  • We offer temperature and humidity controlled humidors 
  • Most of our cabinet humidors are built with Spanish cedar 
  • We carry the biggest and best cabinet humidors on the market
  • We offer FREE shipping on all cabinet humidors!

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