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Sean Vashie

It’s well made, great seal, holds humidity and it looks fantastic! 5 stars!

Colin West
This is the one you need!

Very beautiful. And the most important thing is function. I recently bought a cheaper glass top model and I was extactic about my purchase. However after 3-4 weeks of trying to season it, I gave up and bought this one. What a miracle humidor. I'm not even lying when I say it was seasoned in 24 hours. This humidor has me as a believer. Strongly recommended!!!

Great Humidor!

This is a beautiful humidor. Not only does it look nice, but it's clearly well made. I've had mine now for a number of months and it has done a great job holding humidity. I highly recommend this humidor.

Bon Jovial
Good value for a handsome box

This is for the dome top version in walnut. I was pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish of this humidor. The lid closes snugly and smoothly. The exterior finish is glossy and there were no defects in the one i received. The interior ceder lining looks and smells very nice. It would be nicer if there was a long piano hinge rather than the two small ones, but that's not a surprising short cut for the price. If you are gentle with it, it should last well. There is one, wooden divider that can be moved around as you see fit. The hygrometer is analog and probably iffy. I'd get a digital one to be sure. There were no instructions for seasoning the box, but there are many, many cigar websites with detailed instructions which you can use. All in all, this is a great humidor for the price. It is a very handsome piece that you'll be happy to have sitting out where people can see it. Obviously it'll hold more small cigars than large ones, but on average I think you could expect it to comfortably hold about 30 to 40.

Norman Marek
Handsome Humidor

A handsome humidor with a nice cedar lining. Well made with a beautiful, shiny finish and nice wood grain. Holds an ample supply of different size cigars.

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