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Nice for looks and temperature but not humidity

The quality of the cabinet is very nice furniture grade. I have really enjoyed that aspect of it, definitely adds to the pop when people see it and it is very nice on the eyes. The temperature fluctuates but is still with-in reason so it gets a good mark for that. The part that I have a problem with is the humidifier. It is an open tank concept with a fan, but if you add too much water it will ruin your cigars. When I received this humidor I was deployed at the time so my neighbor (who has been smoking cigars for over 15 years and has had multiple humidors) read the instructions and added the distilled water and set it to 65%. The fan ran so long that it went up to at least 85% and multiple cigars unraveled from too much humidity(probably lost about 75-80 cigars due to this). For the price of the humidor I would've expected some type of advanced humidification device. If that was the case I would have given this humidor 5 stars. So, bottom line, good humidor if you can get past the humidifier.

Awesome cabinet

We are very glad that we decided to get this cabinet for the cigars that we sell, it's quite beautiful and works perfectly. Does a very good job helping our cigar sales go up and lots of customers love how our cigars are displayed in this cabinet.

Excellent cigar cabinet

Me and my wife both loves cigars and we decided to get this big one for our treasured collection of cigars. We are very satisfied with this products capability to keep our cigars in their best condition. Additionally, the cabinet looks really good in our house, it's very elegant and stylish.

Very Satisfactory

The humidor was a gift from my kids. I really appreciate that they thought of getting me this huge cabinet for my cigar hobby. The thing looks really good and just the perfect place for my precious cigars. The humidifier works great, I had no problems with it and I just love it.

Beautiful Humidor

I felt like we needed to invest on a good humidor for our cigars and thought this cabinet type humidor would be just the right one for us. When it arrived, it was in perfect condition nothing damaged nor any scratches. We are very happy that it is perfect for our needs and does a really good job keeping our cigars in good shape.

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