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Jimmy Windham
Oh So Good

I bought the electric humidor because I heard that it makes the cigars smoke better than the wooden humidor. They were right. I can keep the humidity at 70% and my cigars smoke better, taste better, even cut better. I love it.

William Kelley
Excellent Humidor

Cooling feature and seal keeps humidity in well regardless of room temp or humidity. I found using pellets in the water container kept humidity from going too high. Wish the temp control went up a few more degrees, but 65 is fine.

Robert Raiti

Nice unit

Fast Shipping and as described

I have not yet set up this unit as we are still remodeling the room it is going in, but it arrived fast, and looks good. Hopefully up and running soon.

Great humidor !!!

Great humidor

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  • Do you have the The Clevelander Electric Cooler Humidor by Prestige Import


    Thank you for reaching Humidor Enthusiast. Unfortunately, the Clevelander Electric Humidor is currently out of stock and will not be available until July 2020.

    Stay Safe!

  • How much water do I pour into the reservoir? Where do I place it?


    There should be a humidification tray with a sponge inside the humidor found at the back of the bottom drawer, you can fill it half way with distilled water.
    Also, the unit will let you know when it's time to refill the reservoir.

    Humidor Enthusiast

  • What is the small clear plastic container for?

    Hi Christopher, We are not sure which plastic container you are referring to. If you have a picture of it, you can send it to us at and we'll do our best to give you an accurate answer.   Humidor Enthusiast

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