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Douglas Barrow
Even Better Than Expected

When I first saw this humidor I new it was the one for me. Perfect size and I love the two tone look and glass top. I freely admit I love to look into my humidor without opening the lid to check the humidity level on my Xikar hygrometer and of course admire my stogies.The finish on this box is excellent and seal is solid. For the cost it's hard to find fault with it. I threw in a 84% Boveda pack in the box for two weeks, then had to wait a few more days for the Harvey flood waters to recede from my house to finally check on it. Temp was 84 degrees 64% RH. Currently it's at 76 d/65% RH with a fresh 72% Boveda just added. I'll see how it goes.

Burt Gelberg
Four Stars

Very nice. Convenient Works well for price

Anne McDonald
Excellent for the price, after figuring a few things out.

So far, so good. The humidor is seasoning now and will be filled in a couple days. The lid seems to be a secure fit and the lock works, though I don't really need a lock. At first, I thought the digital hygrometer was broken, since the display was stuck with everything "lit" up. I now found that you can pop it out (it fits very tightly) and open the batter compartment. Take the battery out and then put it back in and the hygrometer is reset and starts functioning properly. The button on the back is for F vs C temp readings. There weren't instructions, so I had to figure this out on my own. The only slight downside is that, with the tray in, the box isn't tall enough to hold the 8oz Black Ice jar wedges. I've ordered a new humidifier, since the one it comes with is cheap as expected. All in all, this is a great humidor for the price.

This is an excellent humidor. It's beautiful

This is an excellent humidor. It's beautiful, it holds humidity perfectly and has a beautiful looking and smelling Spanish cedar interior. I was not expecting such a perfect humidor for that price. As an experienced cigar aficionado with 15 plus years of humidor use I will recommend this humidor to all of my friends. I don't understand any of the negative reviews, all I can say is that they must be amateurs. I bought this not expecting the analog hydrometer to work as none of the expensive models I own work at all, but I was blown away. The analog hydrometer is only off by -2%, and that is amazing for any analog. It took me two months too decide too purchase this because of the negative reviews, ignore all off those amateurs and buy this humidor, it is unbelievable. I even moved my top 10 cigars (all of them are over $100 each) to this humidor to continue their ageing process.

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