Quality Importers Humidors

Humidors from Quality Importers Trading Company

Quality Importers has been innovating and importing the highest quality humidors on the market for the last 20 years.

Quality Importers specialize in creating high quality humidors with emphasis on quality woodworking, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, and product packaging. They're professionalism brings you a quality product at a competitive price! 

Q.I. humidors creates large cabinet humidors that can hold thousands of cigars, humidor furniture, display humidors, and small desktop humidors.

Here at Humidor Enthusiast, we carry ALL Quality Importers products and offer the very best prices on the market. 

Check out one of our all time most popular cabinet humidors, the Olde English cabinet humidor, that carries up to 3,500 cigars! Our Montegue end table humidor is another favorite among cigar enthusiasts that will look great in any home and can store up to 1,500 cigars at proper humidity.

Looking for something small? Don't worry, we have you covered. Check out our beautiful traditional antique humidor that will sit right on top of any desk or table and will hold up to 125 cigars! 

And remember, order any humidor today and receive FREE insured shipping! 

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