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Large Cigar Cabinet Humidors

Shop among our collection of top rated large humidors. We carry top products from Prestige Import Group and Quality Importers and have the biggest selection of large humidors on the market.

We carry many different types of large humidors at many different price points. One of our best sellers, the Clevelander by Prestige Import Group, is an electric climate controlled humidor with a beautiful stainless steel finish, lined with Spanish cedar on the inside.

We also carry many beautifully crafted humidors constructed with wood and lined with Spanish cedar. One of our most popular large wooden humidors, the Barbatus by Prestige Import group, is a good example of this. The Barbatus is a large cabinet humidor and features a timeless, antique look.

Whether you're looking for a modern looking humidor or a classic humidor, we have you covered. Order a large humidor today and receive FREE shipping. 



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Humidor Supreme Gold Rush Humidor




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