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Preferred Cigar Lighter Preferences for the Best Cigar Experience

Preferred Cigar Lighter Preferences for the Best Cigar Experience

Humidor Enthusiast |

Did you know the type of lighter you use can make or break your cigar experience?

There are tons of different types of lighters out there. From traditional matches and disposable pocket lighters to cool types of lighters that are electric and wind resistant. Using the wrong lighter can cause the flavor of your cigar to fade away before you get to enjoy it.

Join us as we explore the different types of lighters so you can invest the the best cigar lighter for your collection.

The Importance of Choosing a Cigar Lighter

Let’s be real – using the wrong lighter for your cigar can look out of place. Using an inexpensive disposable lighter takes away the aesthetic of enjoying your premium cigar. You desire a lighter that looks sleek and modern without taking too much attention away from the moment.

Even more importantly, the lighter you choose can affect the flavor of your cigar. As we always say, if you are smoking a quality cigar, then you will need a quality lighter. However, not all types of lighters are created equal.

A BIC lighter may cut it when lighting candles or cigarettes, but the intense flavor and butane scent can affect the taste of your cigar. Certain types of vintage lighters may look cool, but can they hold up in windy conditions? Is it easy to create a flame and sustain it? What about finding the right lighter fluid for your refillable lighter?

As you can see, many factors go into choosing the best cigar lighter. We believe that your lighter should produce a strong, windproof flame that adds depth to the flavor of the cigar.

Types of Lighters for Cigars

There are better ways to light your cigars without matches, cigarette lighters, candle lighters, or anything else you can find around the house.

Here are some cool types of lighters to consider for your cigars.

1. Torch Lighters

These are by far some of the best types of lighters for cigars. They generate a powerful and concentrated flame that’s perfect for getting a quick and even light. Butane torch lighters are often considered to be windproof lighters as well.

2. Soft Flame Lighters

For something more controlled, consider a soft flame lighter. These types of lighters are ideal for lighting delicate and expensive cigars. Their precision also makes them perfect for smoking in indoor settings.

3. Electric Lighters

Also called plasma lighters, these types of lighters don’t create a flame but rather use plasma to create a spark. They’re rechargeable, which can be beneficial.

Since they do provide an intense amount of heat that’s difficult to control, you may not want to use these types of lighters for your prized cigars.

4. Vintage Lighters

Some people love the look of vintage lighters, meaning those produced before 1980. Some types of antique lighters you may recognize include Ronson, Zippo, and Colibri. They often use a flint wheel and require important maintenance.

These early 20th-century lighters often look cool, but may not provide the consistent flame you desire.

Invest in a High-Quality Lighter

Choosing a lighter is equal parts efficiency and aesthetics. Whether your personal style is sleek and minimalist or sporty and showstopping, we offer a variety of cool types of lighters to complement your in-home humidor or day on the golf course.

Browse our selection of different types of lighters for cigars today.

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