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Best Cigar Humidors

Best Cigar Humidors

Humidor Enthusiast |

Redford Espresso Cigar Cooler Humidor

Redford Lite Cigar Cooler Humidor

Design and Build Quality:

The first thing I noticed when I set up my Redford Electric Humidor Cabinet was its luxurious and functional design. The matte finish not only added a touch of modernity to my room but also reflected the premium quality of its solid wood construction. As someone who appreciates the subtle nuances of cigars, I was thrilled to find the Spanish cedar-lined interiors, enhancing the aroma and taste of my stored cigars. Its compact stature, standing at 52 inches tall with a width of 25 inches and depth of 24 inches, is perfect for my limited space, proving that Prestige Import Group has designed this product with all types of enthusiasts in mind.

Innovative Features for the Connoisseur:

Beyond aesthetics, the Redford is a haven of features tailored for the cigar aficionado. Its electronically adjustable climate control system, for instance, ensures that my cigars are always at the right moisture and temperature. The user-friendly touchscreen control panel is straightforward, allowing me to set and monitor the ambient temperature and relative humidity without any fuss. Its storage capacity, holding up to 1,250 cigars, is a dream for both novice and seasoned collectors like me. The inclusion of the de-mist feature is a game-changer, ensuring that I can always have a clear view of my collection without any fogging on the glass.

Practicality Meets Sophistication:

The Redford isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about elegance. The interior’s white LED lighting beautifully displays my cigar collection, especially during my late-night indulgences. The tempered and tinted glass door serves a dual purpose – shielding my cigars from unwanted light while adding an extra layer of aesthetic appeal. Organizing my collection has never been easier, thanks to the four drawer-style shelves with adjustable dividers. And the lock and key set? That’s peace of mind, ensuring my valuable collection remains secure. The added assurance of a 1-year warranty further solidifies my trust in this product.

In summary, the Redford Lite Electric Humidor Cabinet is not just a storage solution; it’s a fusion of style, innovation, and reliability. It’s an essential addition for anyone keen on preserving their cigar collection’s integrity.

  • Luxurious Black Oak matte finish.
  • Solid wood construction.
  • Spanish cedar-lined interior enhances cigar flavor.
  • Compact design suitable for limited spaces.
  • Electronically adjustable climate control system.
  • Holds up to 1,250 cigars.
  • User-friendly touchscreen control panel.


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