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The humidor was well built and roomy, for the price you can't beat it. My only gripe was the lack of seal around the door, I had to apply my own seal which made a huge improvement.

Very nice Humidor!

For the price you can't this humidor for twice the $$$. Very satisfied customer!

Arrived in perfect condition have bee in the curing process.

Lots and lots of room with the shelves and drawer. A bargain buy.

Not bad for the price

Overall this is a very good box. Definitely not 1000 count if you start adding different size boxes in. I'm around 2/3 full with around 300 cigars in, various sizes. After a week I had it stabilized at 65rh with the use of a Cigar Oasis Plus placed in the bottom shelf. Hygrometers placed in top shelf and bottom read identical and maintain. However beware. A little narrow weather stripping will be needed if your box comes like mine did. The main door seal was poor. The magnet lock on the bottom was driven in too far and the corresponding lock on the bottom of the door would not reach it so the bottom corner of the door would only loosely shut. I added some weather stripping along that side of the door. It seems to seal much tighter. Drawer seems to seal nicely and holds a pretty decent amount of loose cigars. I'd venture to say between 75 and 100 size depending. The power outlet is not installed from the factory. You'll need more weather stripping for this. The cutout does not match the outlet size, there was about 1/4" gap on the left and about 1/8" on top. Once I filled those in my cigar oasis fan finally had a chance to stop running. I have that with about 1lb of 65rh beads well dispersed in the box and it holds perfectly. So for the price I'm happy with it but be prepared to do some "fine tuning"

Good value but some issues

Received as a gift. Nice looking humidor. A lot of capacity. Humidifiers were running often. We had to add weather stripping to seal gap between doors and cabinet. You can seal spacing around power outlet box - not an issue. Drawer is nice to have for access to my everyday sticks. One magnet for door closer was missing ,so supplier sent one to me. Humidity staying around 68%. So far so good after several months.

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