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Dennis and Patricia Kyriazopoulos
A must for die hard aficionado's

This humidor is the centre piece for any aficionado. Elegantly designed and constructed. Is has a pull out dividing draw on top which in my opinion is not needed. To my surprise it comes with a power pack so you can hook up an electronic humidifier if you need to. It has a cut out hole for the power pack so no cutting needed and also four screws to put it in place.

A word of advice. When putting the power pack in its place place some clear silicon around it to seal up any gaps . Remember if you have gaps then the humidity will escape . You MUST do this before you season the humidor . Place some clear silicone on the outside too and from the inside just to be 110% sure you seal up any gaps and let it sit over night to cure.

As this is curing grab a damp scent free cloth. Be sure to use distilled water . Wipe down all areas in the humidor including all trays and dividers. Place 3 short shot glasses of distilled water only on the bottom , middle and top ( in the tray ) and leave for a few days until the humidor seasons and the cedar has stabilized .

The only thing that I don't like about this is that the top draw doesn't lock it just stays shut. Only the bottom door locks and is held in place by magnets which is nice.

It says it holds 600 cigars but if you are like me and like to smoke 60 x 6 size cigars you will probably fit 450. 600 cigars if you only store small petite cigars ( Acid blondie belicosso or Arturo Fuente Hemingway ). Or plenty of room to store your cigars in there original boxes

All in all I highly recommend thus product . It looks nice and should do the job of keeping humidity intact if you look after it and season it well enough

Hum 600G

I just got one of these today. So from it's appearance it's a 4 star product. I'll get it seasoned and assembled tomorrow and we'll see if it works as good as it looks. 400 cigar capacity easy using existing cigar boxes and the divider in the drawer for the smaller lots and singles. I was looking for an end table for the cave and this item just fell into the list.

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