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How to prepare your humidor for the summer

How to prepare your humidor for the summer

Humidor Enthusiast |


A common question we get is “Should I do anything special to my humidor to prepare for summer?” The short answer is yes. The purpose of your humidor is to keep the air temperature and humidity at a (approx.) consistency of 70 degrees / 70% humidity. With changes in the temperature this can affect these levels a bit. Tobacco beetles are also more prevalent in the summer months, as they thrive on hotter temperatures and high humidity.

While I doubt the rising temperatures will completely offset your humidor’s levels it is a good idea to maintain your humidor and a new season is the perfect excuse.  It’s especially important to check your cigar collection once in a while if you aren’t an avid smoker.

First, remove all of your cigars from the humidor and remove any loose tobacco with a can of compressed air or a brush. It’s a good idea to inspect each of your cigars, be on the lookout for tobacco beetles and mold. If you are unfortunate enough to find any tobacco beetles, your best bet is to just discard the cigars. If you find mold, the cigars might still be salvageable depending on the amount. You can read more about how to treat for mold here. Once you have removed all of the cigars it’s a good idea to place them in a Tupperware container and keep them in the fridge until the humidor is ready.

Once all the cigars are removed you can begin seasoning your humidor. Wipe down all surfaces and any drawers or trays of the humidor with a damp sponge, remember to always use distilled water. After you have wiped down everything, leave the sponge sealed up in the humidor for 24 hours. After the 24 hours is up, check the sponge and if it is damp then that means that the humidor can’t absorb any more liquid and it is ready to go. If the sponge is dry, then repeat the process above and check in another 24 hours.

After the humidor is seasoned place the humidification, hygrometer and cigars back in the humidor. You, my friend have successfully seasoned your humidor. You deserve a cigar.

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