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How to travel with your cigars.

How to travel with your cigars.

Humidor Enthusiast |


Picture this – You’re on vacation, sitting pool side with a glass of whiskey on one side and a cigar on your other. The last of the sun’s rays are coming down, making for a sky zig zagged of red and purples. Pretty sweet huh? Now in order to live out this fantasy you need to make sure your cigars come along with you, and safely at that.

Now before you decide on which humidor to take with you on your trip, you should consider the amount of cigars you think you will smoke and the duration of your trip.

If it’s just a short trip, I would just bring a small travel humidor that holds 1-5 cigars. This makes it easier for transport and there’s no sense bringing a larger humidor when you are only going to have a couple cigars. I’m not saying the cigars will get ruined, but why not leave them in the safety of your home awaiting your return?

Visol Black & Red Leather Flip CaseVisol Pierre Cardin Ramos Small Travel Humidor

For longer trips, you may want to pack a humidor that comes with a humidifier. These are a bit larger so you can carry more cigars as well.

If you have the luxury, try to bring along cigars that have already been stored in your humidor at home so that they are already primed and ready to go, this is especially true if you are taking a travel humidor that doesn’t have a humidifier. If the cigars still have their outer wrapper from the cigar shop, just leave that on.

There are many options when it comes to travel humidors, so just decide on the amount of cigars you think you will need and pick one that resonates with you. You can browse your selection here.

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