Why you shouldn't use tap water in your humidor

You may have heard that you shouldn’t use tap water in your humidor and been puzzled on why. I’m going to break down those reasons so you can stop following blind directions and start doing it because you understand the reasoning behind it.

First of all, distilled water is just tap water that has been boiled down to remove all the impurities. It isn’t good to use tap water in any type of humidification system, not just humidors.

Here’s why:
  1. Tap water contains chlorine. Chlorine can clog up the humidifier and stop it from working. Seem straightforward enough?
  2. Once the minerals from the tap water are evaporated into the air they can leave a white dust on your furniture. This not only is not attractive, but it’s bad to breathe in.
  3. The chemicals from the tap water can affect the taste of your cigars.
  4. There is debate on this, but many believe that tap water can lead to mold in your humidor.

If you are going to invest in a humidor to protect your cigars than there should be no excuse to not go the extra mile to make sure you have distilled water when cleaning and seasoning your humidor. Don’t let a little thing like tap water stand in your way!

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