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Just a bit outside

I received this 'Antique' humidor in about a week, after having gone through a local cigar vendor to obtain it. I spent some 10 years earlier in life doing antique restoration and repair, so I can comment on the fit and finish of the unit. The Plus Side : the build quality is fantastic. The interior is completely finished out in Cedar. Not a work of art, but still really really good construction. The Negative Side : There had to be one. :-[ I failed to consider the depth of the unit. I thought I was buying a half width humidor when compared to the units in cigar stores. It turns out the cigar store models have another 12+ inches behind the angled retail shelves. There's NO WAY this will hold 3000 cigars, even if you chopped them up then hit 'puree' then poured them into the cabinet. I don't think you could get 1000 in here, unless you only bought cigarette style cigars. I had gone from half a dozen small ( 300 cigar allegedly ) humidors to this one big one. Alas, I still need to maintain 3 of the 300 cigar units for the overflow ( I bought a lot of cigars at the same time. Ahhhhhhh ) I'm smoking them down slowly, and will eventually have just the Antique 6' tall unit. So if it's quality you want this is a good bet. If you're thinking it will hold anything like 3000 cigars forget about it. Am I happy with it? Yes. the size and quality stand out. Nobody but youse people know the dark truth of the matter.

Love it

This humidor looks very much like my grandparents book shelf way back when I was a kid and it's really pleasant to look at it full of my cigars now while remembering my childhood days. The cabinet is exactly as it was advertised and I am very satisfied with my purchase, thank you so much!

Absolutely stunning

I love how this humidor looks, it looks very unique compare to the other humidors I've seen. I am very pleased with how it was designed to look like an antique and how it looks now in my house.

very nice design

This is definitely comparable to an actual antique by how it looks. My wife likes an antique theme on our house so this definitely works for me as a cigar lover and the wife likes it too. My cigars are looking great thanks to thinks awesome humidor.

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